Happy 5th Togetherness Anniversary MyLove

It has been that long? Wow! Time flies. We’ve reached this far being a girlfriend and boyfriend. Now, I will be counting for our 1st wedding Anniversary. I’m sure it will also be a fabulous one together with our precious son. 

I couldn’t let this day pass without greeting you my love. I actually almost forgot about it. Thankfully I remembered. Five years ago today I agreed to be your girlfriend and it has been a wonderful years. 
It is absolutely a blessing being with you my love. I’m glad 5 years ago you didn’t give up of courting me even though I pushed you away everytime. Now, we have a beautiful son who really looks a lot like me 😉 Hahaha! 

I would like to say thank you so much my love for all that you do and for always putting up with my mood swings. I am very lucky that you are now my husband, even though sometimes your getting into my nerves whenever you don’t agree with my opinions hahaha! 

Your son and I are very lucky to have you! We love daddy love.  😍😘💖


⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️Cozyna Glass Teapot with Infuser

✍🏻️Desclaimer: I purchased this product with a promotional discount for evaluation. 

Coffee has been a part of my morning. I started loving coffee since 2009 when I was working at the Adult Home Facility as a MedTech. I had to to have coffee every morning to keep me awake and to help me keep going. Ever since then, I always love to have a cup of coffee in the morning. 

I can honestly say that I couldn’t function properly if I don’t drink a cup of coffee in the morning. When I got up this morning and realizes that I run out of K-cup coffee I almost freaked out. Then, I remembered that we still have some ground coffee. Unfortunately I couldn’t remember where I stored our old coffee maker. I was not in the mood to go up in the attic and dig up our old coffee maker so I had to improvise just so I could have a cup of coffee without running to the store nearby. I’m glad that I bought this Cozyna Glass Teapot with Infuser weeks ago.

pretty neat

This glass tea infuser has A removable very fine strainer with handle. So what I did I remove the top and took the strainer out from the tea pot and poured a 1 and half tablespoon of ground coffee (I only prefer drinking tea at night and prefers coffee in the morning) then, poured a cup of boiling water onto the glass pot. Put back the strainer and the top I waited for a few mins. until my coffee reached to the desired strength I want. Then my problem solved. I had my cup of coffee. 

Now, I must say that I like this infuser. I can’t only use it exclusively for tea, but also for coffee. This tea pot infuser has a 1.2 capacity. Which is a good size for 2 person. 

i am so delighted having this glass teapot

I am really happy that I am able to try this COZYna teapot. This teapot is very modern style. The glass is made from Borosilicate glass it clear and looks tough. The tea top and the strainer are made of a high grade stainless steel and their removable. They looked so neat and also very easy to clean. 

The top stay pretty good on the tea pot glass when you pour your tea to your cup but, I would suggest to just hold the stainless top when pouring your tea to avoid burning yourself. The tea pout is also drip free which is really awesome! No mess! 

I purchased this teapot in Amazon and this is priced for $26.90 which is pretty awesome deal! Its great to have specially for those tea lovers. I love it and definitely would recommend this product. 

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Melansay Winter Wool Coat

✍🏻️Desclaimer: I purchased this product with a promotional discount to evaluate this product.

With the winter slowly peeping I have been starting taking out my winter clothes that has been stored in a plastic tub for months now. Since, I also have gained weight and seems like it would take years before I will get back to a smaller version of me I have to get more new winter coats and a few winter outfits to be ready for the coming freezing temp.

I am very happy to be able to get this winter wool coat in yellow color, which I find very attractive. I am definitely in love with this coat, its thick and would surely keep my body warm. I can’t wait to show it off even though I am not really looking forward for the winter. At least, I can surely depend it during freezing temp.

very thick dramatic princess style wool coat

I find this Melansay Women’s Princess Winter Wool Coat very fashionable. The envelope styled collar is very dramatic, I am so in love with it. It absolutely adds up a beauty to the coat. Its thick and it has a large plastic button closure. But what I really love the most about this coat is the princess style that creates a feminine silhouette and I have an option to wear it with a long sleeve or a 3/4 because the cuff sleeve is a knit style also so its easy to roll up.

The 5 buttons on the front are hidden which is really great! The hemline is also perfectly done. Very well constructed and the material is absolutely a great quality. No loose threads at all.  It’s a very warm coat. It has a line underneath and pockets on both side. The weight is just all right for me not really heavy compared to all my previous coats.

However, the sizing is a little off. I purchased the Large size which I feel it fits like a Medium but still fits me nicely.  Actually still have a little space even if I wear a longsleeve shirt. 

I learned from my previous experience that when buying an asian coat/clothing I should go 1 size up. I am grateful that I did not hesitate to size up with this coat. 

To help other buyers, I normally wears a size Medium in US sizing. I am 5 feet 6 inchess tall. About 129 pounds. My busy size is 34b in Victoria Secret sizing. My waistline is 33. 

As long as you know and will get the right size this coat is absolutely perfect.

Overall This is really a trendy, classy  and a nice coat to have. I would definitely love to recommend it to anyone who are looking for a stylish trendy coat. It’s worth the $$$. This coat is sold in Amazon for $49.29 so head over there now and check this coat out! 


⭐️⭐️⭐️ Fosinz Mirrored Jewelry Cabinet Stand

✍🏻️Desclaimer: I purchased this product with a promotional discount.

I have been wanting a jewelry mirrored stand for about 2 years. Been searching for a great deal everywhere but I couldn’t really find a cheaper one until I found this Fosinz Mirrored Jewelry Cabinet with Stand. I couldn’t be any happier that I finally have this organizer at a discounted price. Its a dream come true to have anarmoire jewelry organizer to help me keep my jewelry in place and accessible without being messy/tangled.

I have a prime so it only took me 2 days of waiting for this baby to arrived. When I saw the UPS guy parked infront of the house and took a huge box from his truck I knew right away that it was my jewelry cabinet. I really got so ecstatic. I was like a child jumping for joy over a candy.

I’m really glad that this arrived safely with no damage or even a scratched. It was boxed securely with a compressed wood and foam pieces inside to protect it.  It was also wrap allover with bubble wrap and tape to really secure the product. 

I was very excited so I bugged my husband right away to put this baby together. I believed it took him about an hr to successfully installed this jewelry stand because he was quite confused of the instructions. 

What I love that with this Jewelry organizer cabinet is, it has so many hooks and a lot of space, for all my jewelries. It definitely helped me a lot of keeping my jewelries in order. This organizer will also swivel up and down. I love that idea and concept.

The locked is great it latched nicely and I’m happy about that. The stand is also dependable its sturdy and really support the door nicely when you open it. 

However, I am a little disappointed of this product. The door wont stay open whenever I open it.  I also can’t hang a jewelry with a huge or bulky pendant because the door wont close.

I also find that the interior of this organizer is not properly arranged. Some of the necklace hooks are put on the bottom part of the door which may only good for short necklaces.

There are also 2 unmounted shallow drawer in the bottom that I find useless. You have to pull it out completely everytime you open it. 

Well,  I am still thankful and happy to finally have a this jewelry mirrored stand. If you guys are interested with this product head over to Amazon this is losted for $129.99 and its free 2 days shipping if your a prime member. 

Overall this is a OKAY product I might buy it again if I have no other choice.


I’m Back!

Yes , thats right I have been thinking a lot last night if I will pursue my decicion of going back to blogging. So this morning when I woke up I tried to recover my old blogs but my memory is gone with the wind and I can’t remember anything about the login info for my old blogs. So, here I am creating this new and fresh blog. I’m hoping this will last long. 

Anyway, I created this blog mainly for the the products that I received for free, and discounted from Amazon sellers. Amazon has announced On October 3, 2016 that they now prohibit the incentivized review, effective immediately. So, I will be posting my free or heavily discounted products on this blog from now on.

~Here’s a little bit about me~ 
I am a very happy type person. No matter the situation is, bad or good. I always try to be positive and find the good in things because If you are positive you’ll be happy and will have a healthy and beautiful life.

I am a shopaholic momma (yes I love to shop but wiesly).  A mom to a adorable smart very active baby boy who is growing too fast. Our lives changes when we found out we were pregnant. He puts directions to our lives.  

I love to wear colorful maxi dresses. Collecting purse and shoes are also my thing, but recently i find myself becoming obsessed with cosmetic products. 

I am into outdoors activities with my husband too!  We both love to travel,skiing, kayaking, biking,running, camping, fishing, and we love water parks. 

I like all the 4 seasons but my most favorite is summer because the whole family can go to many different places and do a lot of activities. 

During our days off I love to watch movies with hubby, its either here in the house or going to the movie theater. 

I love to cook different types of dish for my family. I also love reviewing products.

So welcome to my very simple abode online and keep on smiling!